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Diaper Rash Prevention

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Baby's Skin Healthy

Whether you’re a new parent who’s raising their first child or already have several young children, treating diaper rash is inevitable. Even if it’s small and doesn't affect your child’s skin too much, it is still very common and can be very uncomfortable. But with the right preventive measures and an effective baby diaper rash cream from Nurture Cub, you can minimize and even avoid the rawness your infant deals with.

Read through some practical tips and tricks to help keep your little one's delicate skin healthy and rash-free! View other baby care resources on our Nurture Cub blog as well so you can find the right diaper rash treatments for your child.

Keep the Area Clean and Dry

Ensure you clean your baby's bottom gently with fragrance-free wipes or warm water after each diaper change. Pat dry instead of rubbing to prevent unnecessary friction and give the area some time to air out before putting on a new diaper.

Choose the Right Diapers

Your diaper rash treatment efforts can also be helped by choosing the right brand of diapers. Opt for ones that are gentle on your baby's skin and provide ample ventilation. Look for those made of breathable materials and free from chemicals like chlorine and fragrances that may trigger sensitivity or irritation.

Change Your Child's Diaper Frequently

It’s important to keep a strict schedule of changing your child's diapers when they are wet or otherwise soiled. Similar to applying a baby diaper rash cream, these prompt and frequent changes help minimize prolonged contact with moisture which can be a breeding ground for a rash. Even if the diaper is not soiled, aim for a change every two to three hours.

Use Protective Barrier Creams

Applying a thin layer of diaper rash cream can help your child’s skin by creating a protective barrier between your baby's skin and moisture. This barrier helps prevent friction and reduces the risk of diaper rash. Be mindful to use creams that are safe for your baby and approved for sensitive skin, including our all-natural Pure Bliss Baby Balm.

Let Your Child Go Diaper Free

When at home, whenever possible, let your child have some time without a diaper. Letting your child’s skin be exposed to the fresh air allows the skin to heal naturally and it avoids more irritation caused by the diaper material rubbing against the skin.

Browse Other Diaper Rash Treatment Options

Remember: consistency and attentive care are key in ensuring your little one stays comfortable and rash-free! Get our Pure Bliss Baby Balm for your baby and take advantage of its nourishing effects for delicate skin. Read through other natural remedies for diaper rash if you’re in a pinch as well.

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